Learn How To Build Your Empire On Mars

Here’s all you need to know about Crypto Mars:

Every available Mars Area has one smart contract token. If you buy it, you own it, and your ownership will be visible on our interactive world map as the HEX color of the six last characters in your wallet address.

The mars areas are visible on the Ethereum Blockchain as smart contracts. Meaning, they can only be acquired using Ether. Each Mars Area area contract works similarly to a token or a coin and can only be owned by one individual.

You can conquer any available Mars Area area on the map. Anyone else can also purchase and conquer your owned mars areas as long as they pay you about double the price calculated from the smart contract after you acquired the Mars Area previously.

The price increase is hard coded into the smart contract and follow this model:

Value Increase LevelsPrice RangePrice IncreaseDev Cut
Increase 10.001 ETH - 0.02 ETH100%5%
Increase 20.02 ETH - 0.5 ETH35%4%
Increase 30.5 ETH - 2.0 ETH25%3%
Increase 42.0 ETH - 5.0 ETH17%3%
Increase 55.0 ETH >15%2%

Each owner of a Mars Area is considered as an Emperor and later, when MarsCountries are released each Mars Area will get up to 50 countries under its ruling. The Emperor also get commission when somebody brought one of there countries during his ownership of area period.