Colonize Mars on the Blockchain

Buy recognized Mars Areas with Smart Contract using blockchain technology and put your name on the mars map.

Be the emperor of the mars and own Mars Areas such as The North Terra, Acdial Terra or Ididis Torrum as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Crypto Mars is an interactive game that lets anyone buy and own Recognized Areas on Mars as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. As soon as you acquire a Mars Area, you take ownership of that Area and it will automatically increases in price.

You will get about double the amount of profit if someone else wants to grab your territory, they can buy it paying up to double the price that you paid to get ownership of that area. You will then lose the ownership of that Area, but you will receive up to double the amount in ETH automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet.

Ultimate ownership of Mars

Names of Mars Areas are Recognized by various space agencies and they are hardcoded into the Blockchain. If you own an area your ownership of that area will be connected to a name and can be verified anywhere in the world by using smart contract.

Mars areas are ERC721 tokens and you can trade them or transfer them to others using third-party exchanges.

Most Player Friendly Value increase model

Crypto Mars has by far the most player-friendly value increase model with the absolute lowest commissions. Compared to other collectible games that take a massive commission on each purchase, Crypto Mars value the players and the game. Check it for yourself by reading our FAQ and comparing it with others.

In Crypto Mars, you can conquer any available Mars Area on the map. Any other player can also purchase and conquer your Mars Areas as long as they pay up to double the amount of what you paid to conquer the area in the first place.

The new price including the profit is then transferred back to the previous owner of the Mars Area automatically.

Road Map

Phase 1 - Launch MVP
Crypto Mars goes live to the mars. We start of with a minimal UI and enables users buying most noted Mars Areas
Phase 2 - Releasing Mars Countries
It happens automatically once a Mars Area crossed a magic price number unique for each mars area. Each Mars Area gets 10 - 50 Mars Countries and owners of each Mars Area will get a commission on each country sales
Phase 3 - UI & UX Improvements
We work on UI by adding new functionality and improving the UX.
Phase 4 - Secret Release
We have a very unique and special release in store for all the players. This release will be kept secret until launch, but will for sure add an extra touch to the Crypto Mars.
Phase 5 - Releasing Mars States
It happens automatically once a Mars countries crossed a magic price number. The functionality and earning strategies are top secrets for now ;)
Phase 6 - Enabling battle system and more ...
Be prepared for the battle on the red planet and lot more surprises.

Take Map Control

Crypto Mars runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Mars Area is linked to one single Smart Contract ERC721Token on the game’s blockchain.

To conquer (purchase) a Mars Area Smart Contract: Send Ether to the contract using Metamask. As soon as your transaction has been confirmed you (and only you) have ownership of that Mars Area.

To show off your conquest to the rest of the players, the area territory on the game’s interactive map is colored as the six last characters of your wallet address.

If someone else conquers your area, you will lose the ownership, but get up to double in return of investment of Ether automatically sent back to your wallet.

Start conquering the mars

Be the one among 22 Mars NFT owners in the entire cosmos