Get Started
What do I need to play Crypto Mars?

To start your conquest in Crypto Mars you need:

  • A computer with Chrome or Firefox
  • A MetaMask wallet
  • Ether in your wallet to fund your conquests

How do I install MetaMask?

In order to buy contracts and sell your contracts, you’ll need to install the digital wallet Metamask on your Chrome or Firefox browser and load it up with ether.

  • Go to Google Chrome Store and click “Add to Chrome”.
  • Click “Add Extension” on the pop-up.
  • Set up your MetaMask account.
  • Copy your 12 seed words and file them away somewhere safe (this helps to secure your account).
  • For security purposes, MetaMask browser extension will sometimes request that you log back in to your account. If you see a lock screen on when using the game of Crypto Mars, this security precaution is probably cause – just click on the MetaMask or Mist extension, log back in to continue buying countries and take map control.

How do I add ether to my MetaMask?

There are two common ways to add ether to your wallet.

  • The most common way is to buy Ether through an exchange such as Coinbase, Bitstamp or similar. As soon as that is done, transfer the funds to your MetaMask or Mist wallet using the wallet in the exchange of your choice.
  • You can also buy ether directly in MetaMask Using Coinbase. This feature , however, is only possible for US citizens.

If you already own Ether you can transfer funds directly to your MetaMask or Mist wallet by copying the wallet address. In the exchange wallt you then simply paste that address and send the funds.

What is Crypto Mars all about?
What is Crypto Mars really?

CryptoMars ​is a game designed to give fun and knowledge about the Planet Mars and the Blockchain. Players can conquer the mars on the Blockchain and earn Ether while doing so.

Every Area is represented as a NFT(Non-fungible token) in the form of ERC 721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and there is only one token per Mars Area. Once you buy and conquer a Mars Area you take ownership of that Mars Area ERC 721 token. The game’s interactive mars map is then colored after the last six characters of your wallet address for the Mars Area that you own. If someone buys your area, you lose ownership but earn up to double in return of investment back to your wallet.

In short terms, it is a game that earns you Ether the more you play it, more you know about the Planet mars.

What are NFTs - Non-fungible tokens?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital file stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain.

NFTs are not mutually interchangeable and thus are not fungible. An NFT is created by uploading a file, such as an artwork, to an NFT auction market. This creates a copy of the file, which is recorded as an NFT on the digital ledger. The NFT can then be bought with cryptocurrency and resold. NFTs are used to commodify digital items, such as digital art, video game items, or music. cryptomars.co lets to buy and trade Mars areas as NFTs in the form of ERC 721 tokens.

What is two way profit?

Each user will get profited by 2 ways :

  1. When someone brought your place you will get up to double the amount back what you initially paid.
  2. Each owner of a MarsArea is considered as an Emperor and later, when MarsCountries are released each Mars Area you will get 1- 10 countries under its ruling. The Emperor also get commission when somebody brought one of there countries during his ownership of area period
How much is a Place?

It depends on the Mars Area and how popular it is. Since each Mars Area doubles in price after ever conquest (purchase).

Value Increase LevelsPrice RangePrice IncreaseDev Cut
Increase 10.001 ETH - 0.02 ETH100%5%
Increase 20.02 ETH - 0.5 ETH35%4%
Increase 30.5 ETH - 2.0 ETH25%3%
Increase 42.0 ETH - 5.0 ETH17%3%
Increase 5> 5.0 ETH15%2%
Can I defend my countries and refuse to sell them?

As in most of the real world, money talks. If someone wants your Mars Area and have enough funds to buy it, they are able to. But on the upside, you will earn up to double the amount back of what you initially paid.

Can I use regular currency (USD, EUR, etc) to buy Mars Area contracts?

No. Because Crypto Mars runs on the same blockchain technology used by Ethereum, Ether is the only currency you can use to purchase countries. You can convert your standard currency into Ether through an exchange.

Is Crypto Mars a cryptocurrency?

You can think of Mars Area smart contracts as collectibles – the new version of baseball cards or artwork. While they do have value, that value is based on their desirability. You can make money on Crypto Mars smart contracts by selling the contracts in the game and receiving a higher ETH amount than you originally invested. But this of course depends on the market, so please keep in mind that there are not guarantees someone will buy a Mars Area from you.

How many Mars Area NFTs available

Mars Area tokens are very unique and only 22 token are available in the entire cosmos. This number will never increase.

How are you making money?

We (the developers) take a very small cut of each transaction. The cut of the transaction depends on the value of the transaction.

How to contact you?

You can email us at: hello@cryptomars.co